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Common Swiss First Names

On the website of the Federal Institute for Statistics of Switzerland you can access statistics for first names of the entire Swiss population. In a way, it is a Swiss hit parade of first names. At its top you'll find names which have been popular for a long time and were typically awarded to the baby boomer generation, for example, Daniel, Peter or Anna. In fact, the top 10 of these names are so widespread that I know at least one Swiss representative for each of them in real life.
The 10 Most Common First Names in Switzerland As of 2016, these were the most common first names for people living permanently in Switzerland. Many of these names are popular in all regions of Switzerland: Peter (also Pierre), Anna, Daniel, Daniela or Anna appear amongst the top names in all four regions of Switzerland.  Most Common Names for Swiss Women:
MariaAnnaUrsulaRuthElisabethSandraMonikaClaudiaVerenaNicoleMost Common Names for Swiss Men:

Switzerland's Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

The Federal Agency for Statistics in Switzerland BFS collects the names of newborns in Switzerland and compiles a list of most popular baby names for each year on its website. You can look at popular names for the years 2011 to 2016 and there is also an option to filter according to region.

I have written about popular baby names in Switzerland before (2008-2010 and 2011-2013) and what becomes immediately obvious when looking at the lists is that the most popular names haven't changed over the last five years. For boys, Noah has been on top every year except 2012 when it came in second place. For girls, Emma and Mia are taking turns on the top spot.
These are the baby names that were most popular in Switzerland in 2016:Most Popular Girls Names:
MiaEmmaElenaSofiaLenaEmiliaLaraAnnaLauraMilaMost Popular Boys Names:
NoahLiamGabrielLucaLeonEliasDavidSamuelLuisJulian Of course, these overall statistics are influenced by the ratio of native Swiss German speakers to native speakers of Fren…