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The 5 Best Cafés in Zurich

After several months abroad I'm finally heading back to Zurich for a visit. And what would a visit home be without stopping at your favorite café? Even more so if you're part of the blogging community who is known for drinking lots of good coffee.

There's plenty of great coffee and delicious food to be had in Zurich, especially in Babu's, one of my favorite cafés not only in Switzerland. Whether you're looking for a classy old school café or a modern coffee shop - we have it all in Zurich!

Although I'm sure it's a work in progress and ever changing, I'll share my personal selection of the 5 best cafés in Zurich:
Babu's: Cozy atmosphere thanks to random vintage selection of chairs and tables. Nothing matches but everything still fits somehow. Not to mention great coffee and homemade pastries. If you're wanting to eat brunch on Saturday or Sunday you should get there early to secure a spot.Cakefriends: Small café with Swiss flair. The decor and men…