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Swiss Muesli

It doesn't look too good if it's mid February and the last post on your blog says "Happy 2015". I' wish I had some awesome excuse like climbing Kilimanjaro but mainly it's just day to day life that managed to eat up my time.

Nevertheless, I found some time to spend in the kitchen last month to try out different recipes for homemade cereal. As I'm currently considered an Auslandschweizerin (Swiss abroad) I'm missing out on the wide selection of breakfast cereals offered in Swiss supermarkets (to a reasonable price). And honestly, what is breakfast without a muesli?

Müesli was invented by Swiss physician Bircher  around 1900 (thus the name Bircher-müesli for cereal mixed with fruit and cream or yoghurt) It was and is considered a healthy dish rich perfect for starting your day (or at least mine). and is very popular in Switzerland. Some even like to eat it for lunch or dinner.

There are many different varieties and flavors available in stores but you'…