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Spring Time in Switzerland

Spring in Switzerland is an interesting season. Some years we get lucky and live through months of beautiful sunshine, blooming flowers and trees and just a few rain showers. Other years we are not as lucky and most spring days are cold, gray and rainy. This year - as in most years - it seems to be a mixture of both. But even if spring at times seems gray, there's always the hope for a good summer!
Spring Season in Switzerland However, there are also some highlights to look forward to this spring in Switzerland:
April Fools Day: when Swiss children (and even serious Swiss newspapers) tell made up stories. Will you fall into the trap or can you spot the lie?Easter: fun holiday that Swiss people spend eating lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs. If you want to be more creative you could try to bake your own version of Easter Bunnies. Don't forget to brush up on your Easter vocabulary with this Easter dictionary as well!Sechseläuten: this Zurich spring festival in April attracts lot…

Swiss Place Name Quiz

There is one game that I've always loved playing: the Swiss Place Name Quiz. In this quiz you'll get 40 or so triples of place names and you have to pick the place that actually exists in Switzerland. Obviously, you can solve this quiz with good geographical knowledge of Switzerland but even then you might get confused because the triples are always a group of similar words (in sound or meaning). 

An (easy) example:
a) Zug
b) Bahn
c) Tram

 Of course "Zug" is the correct answer. If you have some knowledge of German you'll notice that the other two solutions Bahn (= train) and Tram (= tramway) have a similar meaning to Zug (= train) and for the geographically challenged it might be hard to pick the right one.

The question is, how well do YOU know Switzerland? Try solving the Swiss Place Name Quiz and find out!

1) a) Bärentrangen                                                 b)Affeltrangen c) Büffeltrangen
2) a) Beiwil b) Auswil c) Vonwil
3) a) Blauen b) Roten c…