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Activities for 1st of August in Switzerland

Switzerland's national holiday the 1st of August is approaching soon and the weather forecast couldn't be better! This year I'll probably be celebrating on the beautiful shores of Lake Neuchatel and watching the fireworks from Estavayer-le-lac, enjoying the Estivale festival and some barbecued meat and cold beer.

Where to go and what to do on 1st of August in Switzerland Almost every larger town or village in Switzerland organizes some event on 1st of August - usually a traditional 1st of August brunch, a concert (mostly with traditional Swiss music) and of course the obligatory firework. I investigated and found other (possibly more interesting and exciting ways) to spend 1st of August.
Zurich region:spend 1st of August on a boat on Lake Zurich either enjoying a good brunch or an evening mealenjoy a BBQ or a fine dinner at the Uto Kulm restaurant on Üetlibergswim in Lake Zurich and have a cool beer afterwards Basel region: visit the 1st of August celebrations on the shores…

Gian and Giachen

In recent years Switzerland has produced its share of clever and humorous commercials. Some of them star famous Swiss people like Roger Federer (e.g. the Lindt airport commercial) and some of them a trio of old Swiss men (e.g. Appenzeller cheese commercial). Another series of Swiss commercial feature a - by now very well known - pair of Swiss ibex: Gian and Giachen.

When they first appeared in a commercial of the tourism office of the canton of Grisons, nobody knew they were gonna become a great success. By now, there are a dozen or more commercials, a facebook page, a website, and a cool weather app starring Gian and Giachen. The combination of the distinctive Grisons dialect and the ibex' witty sarcasm makes the short commercials fun to watch - even if you are an "Unterländer" (lowlander, someone who lives in the flat part of Switzerland) and regularly made fun of by Gian and Giachen.

There are two main themes that reappear in almost every single Gian and Giachen comme…

Ideas for Trips in Switzerland

Have you ever found yourself with a free day on your hands and no good idea for a trip? I know the feeling and am always glad for new ideas. Sometimes my family or friends give me great ideas for day trips in Switzerland but at times they too are out of creative suggestions.

However, there is always the incredible internet to help you out in a situation like this. I found a great resource for trips in Switzerland over at Here you'll find a great selection of ideas for day trips in Switzerland (or even longer vacations or excursions). You choose to search either for trips in winter or summer, choose trips in a certain region, outdoor activities, museums, romantic trips, and much much more. Only downside: so far no English version of the website. You can use google translate for a usable version or equip yourself with a good dictionary. :)

Other than that, I suggest you read up on my post series on "10 Fun Things to Do ...":
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