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Salon du Chocolat in Zurich

After stopping in the illustrious cities of New York or Paris last year, the Salon du Chocolat is returning to the mother land of chocolate and will open its doors to visitors in Zurich this weekend from March 22-24 2013. It features exhibits from chocolatiers from all over Switzerland, choco demos in which the chocolatiers demonstrate their skills in chocolate making, lectures about chocolate, chocolate tasting, children's workshops and much more.

The Salon du Chocolate also includes a daily fashion show of dresses made entirely of chocolate. The making of these stunning chocolate dresses is an elaborate process that combines fashion design and confectionary. If you are interested in the making of these chocolate dresses check out Christina's post Chocolate Fashion Show at the Salon du Chocolat and the making of a Chocolate Dress over at She also answers the question what will happen to the dresses after the show... :)
The chocolate fashion show starts daily…

A Swiss German Easter Dictionary

Easter is a bit more than one week away. Time to freshen up on your Swiss German Easter skills. :) You can consult my (non conclusive) list of Swiss German Easter terms and expressions for a start:

Ei (egg)
Eili (small egg)
Eier färbe (to color eggs, e.g. by cooking them in dye or drawing on them)
Eiertätsch (egg bump, i.e. an Easter game involving eggs)
Eier sueche (to look for the eggs)
Oschtere (Easter)
Oschtereili (Easter egg)
Oschterhaas (Easter bunny)
Oschterhäsli (little Easter bunny)
Oschtermäntig (Easter Monday, a national holiday)
Oschternäschtli (Easter nest, i.e. the little basket you put the eggs and bunnies in)
Karfriitig (Good Friday)
Marzipaneili (marzipan eggs)
Schoggihaas (chocolate bunny)
Zuckereili (sugar eggs, i.e. candy in egg shape)

More Swiss German words and expressions (not only concerning Easter) can be found in the Swiss German Dictionary


How to Bake a Bunny Bun

Easter will be here very soon. There is no way you can miss it. Shops and supermarkets are full of Easter related goodies and decorations in the shape of eggs and bunnies. I like chocolate and I love marzipan but sometimes Easter can be a bit too sweet. As it is, many chocolate bunnies and caramel eggs end up in the disposal bin rather than in a hungry mouth due to the over-abundance of Easter sweets.

Instead of wasting precious Swiss Francs on mediocre chocolate (the one exception in my humble opinion being the Lindt Goldhase) I decided to create my own Easter bunny. For this purpose I adapted  the recipe for a traditional Swiss Christmas treat, the Grittibänz. It's a human shaped sweet bread very similar to the braided Zopf bread but a bit sweeter and of course smaller.

However, instead of baking a Santa Claus shaped bread roll, I decided to try my hand on baking a bunny shaped bread roll. You may call the result Zopfhäsli (which basically means Zopf in the shape of a little bun…

March does what it wants

Hello everyone!

I haven't been posting much lately and the main reason for that was a longer trip to New Zealand. :) It was an amazing time and I enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of the Kiwi summer.

Flying back this weekend I was looking forward to some Swiss spring time... who would have thought I'd encounter freezing temperatures and SNOW! I guess the drastic changes in weather are quite normal for Swiss spring although more popularly associated with April rather than March. As in the saying "April, April macht was er will" which means "April, April, does what he wants" (months are masculine in German).

This year it is March that does what it wants... as long as there'll be a nice warm summer I don't mind!