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The Coolest Weather App

A week ago it was cold and rainy. Now, summer has finally arrived. The sun is shining, temperatures have risen to sunbathing degrees and summer thunder storms enliven the nights. But living in this alpine country has taught me one thing: never ever expect the perfect sunny weather to last for long periods of time. Some rainy days, some colder days and some gray days are most likely gonna appear in between those sunny days. And this is where the weather forecasts come in handy.

You can check weather forecasts for Switzerland on SF Meteo (including local forecasts). OR you can use this much funnier way of getting your local weather news: The Ibex Weather App. The two Grisonian ibex Gian and Giachen (made famous by tv spots for the Swiss region of Grisons) provide you with the latest weather forecasts in their unique way. Have a look:

Of course the app also provides you with the "real" weather information such as temperature and chance of rain. You can download this app for yo…

10 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Switzerland

The weather has been so so these last few days and will remain rainy and rather cold. No swimming in one of the many lakes of Switzerland, going on a nice bike trip or playing soccer outside unless you are willing to endure some heavy rain.
10 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Switzerland However, there are plenty of fun things to do in Switzerland even on rainy days. Here's the list of my current favorite rainy day activities:
Alpamare: Biggest water park of Switzerland with dozens of water slides and pools. It's open all year round since most of the baths and slides are indoors. It is perfect for a rainy day since there are usually less people than on a sunny day.Zoo Zurich: The famous zoo in Zurich features bears, elephants, monkeys, tigers and the mazoala hall (a tropical glass house). Many animals can be visited in their houses.Swiss National Museum: The Swiss National Museum in Zurich gives an overview over the cultural history of Switzerland. Swiss Museum of Transport:…

The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Last week a good friend from the US came to visit for a couple of days (that's also why I haven't been posting) and after a day in Zurich and a short visit to the Rhine Falls we took a day trip to central Switzerland. Since my friend hasn't seen the Swiss Alps before I took her up Mount Pilatus on my special back way route.... It was great fun and the weather turned the alpine scenery into a magical place. After seeing this, my friend declared that the top of Mount Pilatus was the most beautiful place in the world. I am not so sure about it but the alps definitely still manage to take my breath away at moments... :)