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Spring Flowers in Switzerland

Spring has finally arrived in Switzerland. The last few days have been warm and sunny and nature has quickly reacted to the change in weather. In spring time, the leaves on trees are springing and early flowers blooming. On a stroll around town I stumbled upon some of the most common Swiss spring flowers and captured them with my camera. Enjoy!


World's Most Livable City

We did it! Zurich was ranked #2 of world's most livable cities by a Travelers Digest article in 2012. The website has gone inactive in 2015 but a more recent survey, the 2018 Mercer Quality of Living Survey confirms this good ranking.

Not surprisingly, the high quality of life and safety of Zurich were responsible for this appraisal of Switzerland's largest city. What made me laugh was the short remark at the beginning of the entry about Zurich: "Especially great for bankers who are addicted to chocolate"!

If you actually consider visiting or moving to Zurich, you should not forget that Zurich is also world's most expensive city but Switzerland generally provides above-average salaries!


Swiss Coffee Consumption

If you hear the term 'coffee nation' you probably think of Colombia, Brazil or Ethiopia. Yet, it was none of these countries that was at the center of a report about worlds coffee trade and consumption published by a Swiss television station. Instead, the involvement of Switzerland in coffee trade all over the world was highlighted.

Remember, Switzerland is not even close to growing coffee beans, the climate is simply not warm enough. Yet, three quarter of worlds trade with coffee beans takes place in Switzerland. All the coffee beans exported from Switzerland value more than all chocolate and cheese exported from Switzerland together.

If there's so much coffee coming through Switzerland you probably expect the Swiss to be a coffee drinking nation. And you are right. An average Swiss drinks 9kg of coffee a year! Only the Finnish and the Norwegians drink more coffee. I imagined that Swiss coffee consumption would go down significantly as prices have been going up steadily …

6 Weeks of Vacation

Another Sunday of voting is coming up in Switzerland. On March 13th 2012 the people of Switzerland will have to declare their opinions on these topics:  The building of secondary homesThe amount of vacation employees in Switzerland deserveThe fixing of book prices Most people here don't really care about the building of secondary homes and therefore have no interest in prohibiting it with a federal law. Similarly, the interest in fixing book prices with the purpose of allowing smaller publishing companies to continue printing is quite low. However, the discussion about how many weeks of vacation a Swiss employee is due by federal law has sparked quite a discussion.
Vacation Time in Switzerland Currently, every person employed in Switzerland has the right to 4 weeks of vacation a year. This may seem like a lot compared to the 2 weeks of vacation on average an employee in the US will get. Some workers unions here in Switzerland seem to disagree.

They started a big campaign for a Vol…

World's Safest Travel Destination

Switzerland recently has had the honors to be included in the top 10 of world's safest travel destinations by Travelers Digest (the site has gone inactive in 2015). Although it is definitely nice living in a safe country where street crime is almost non-existent, I was a bit bummed that Switzerland didn't make any of the more attractive top 10 lists.

I mean who wouldn't want his country to feature one of the
Top 10 Adventures for Thrill SeekersTop 10 Best Airports of the worldTop 10 Best Cities to Live InTop 10 Best City SkylinesTop 10 Best Places to Watch SunsetsTop 10 Best Wildlife ViewingTop 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women The alps, great paragliding locations, bobsledding, snowboarding or river rafting in Switzerland are not considered thrilling enough I guess. I would claim though that Zurich Airport is one of the nicest and most organized airports in Europe. It's tough to reach the level of service of an asian airport but I think Switzerland is doing p…