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10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in Switzerland

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It's Valentine's Day. Even in Switzerland, newspapers and the internet are full of sweet stories and reminders of this day for those in love. This despite the fact, that most Swiss don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We know about the traditions (and requirements) of Valentine's Day mainly from movies and books. For most couples I know, anniversaries and birthdays are far more important than February 14th.

Nevertheless, there are Swiss couples who do celebrate Valentine's Day and of course plenty of internationals in Switzerland who celebrate also. Some will celebrate at home with a nice meal and a gift, others take the opportunity to spend a day or night away with their spouse. If you're not from here, you might wonder what options for Valentine's Day in Switzerland you have. It all depends on your personal preferences. Do you want a classic romantic dinner in a unique location? Adventure and excitement that will make great memories for the two of you? I searched the internet for some great romantic Valentine's Day locations in Switzerland (for winter only) and this is what I found.

10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in Switzerland

  1. Hotel Pilatus Kulm: The hotel on top of Mount Pilatus is open all year round. The hotel combines historic with modern and also features a restaurant with an amazing view of the Swiss Alps. A dinner on top of a mountain with this view will definitely be a nice romantic treat. 
  2. Top of Europe: A ride with the 100 year old Jungfraubahn up to the 3454m Jungfraujoch and a night at one of the hotels in the Jungfrau region will definitely make this day special. It's not a cheap date though. Train tickets up to the Top of Europe are currently at 91 CHF.
  3. Book a Helicopter Ride: Treat your loved one to a helicopter ride through the Swiss alps. Amazing views combined with great adventure! Some of these packages include a farmers breakfast or other activities.
  4. Eat in Florida: Get some tropical feeling at this tropical style restaurant near Biel. Not only the food but also the plants and the entire setup are tropical. From January to March you can also enjoy an orchid exhibition at the restaurant.
  5. Sleep in a Circus Trailer: Spend a night in an original old wooden circus trailer near Rapperswil-Jona. If you worry about the cold, be assured: there is heating!
  6. Go on a Boat & Dinner Ride: You'll dine heavenly in the comfortable interior of the dinner ship! You can book this type of dinner on several lakes in Switzerland (e.g. Thunersee, Zürichsee)
  7. Spend a Night in a Yurt: Not sure what a yurt is? It is a mongolian tent! And you can spend a romantic night in of those if you want
  8. Experience a Night in an Igloo: Love warms the heart. And hopefully some of that warmth will help you stay warm through a night in one of the igloos in Davos. Don't worry, blankets and excellent sleeping bags will be provided!
  9. Try a Dogsled: Find out if you are a talented dog runner. If you like dogs this is certainly a great idea!
  10. Visit the Spa Zurich: A visit to the hot baths in Zurich will warm heart and body! These thermal baths are located inside an old brewery and even have a pool on its rooftop with a view of the city!
If you're looking for more ideas, I suggest you visit They actually have a Valentine's Day Special with lots of interesting ideas and information.

Obviously, you can visit all those places also after Valentine's Day! And if you're reading this when it's already too late to plan something special (i.e. you forgot about Valentine's Day) you could surprise your loved one with a few romantic phrases in Swiss German or bring them some good Swiss chocolate! 



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